September 11

My June 2001 pictures of the 
World Trade Center Twin Towers

Everyone said it was like a movie. That was one of my first thoughts, too. But it wasn't. A movie would have wrapped up against a goosebump-hoisting soundtrack after a couple hours, a steroid-powered hero having tidily dispensed of the evil ones and, the lights highlighting his sweat-glazed brow, uttered a clever quip to a packaged blond and send all us popcorn-chompers on our way. But this wasn't surreal. It was real. The agony stayed; so did the disbelief. 

As a student of media, I've been watching how media is a part of how we come to grips with September 11. I've sorted out some of my own thoughts and clipped other items below:

From this site: 
Being in Chicago after the attacks
Det. Free Press op-ed:War looms an uncertain task
Chimes op-ed: Dual identies, different destinies: being American and Christian at at time like this
September 11, 2001

Web clippings:
NYTimes: Plane crashes collapse World Trade Center Towers
Nationwide front pages
Bush speech transcript
Chicago shuts down in wake of attacks
NYTimes: Fighting for life 50 floors up
National Review: It Happened Here
Atlantic Monthly: Ground zero the day after
John McCain eulogy at Mark Bingham's funeral
Barnhardt Television diary
James Lileks: Where were you when you heard
Michael Wolff: Ambiguous New War
AP: Satan in the smoke?
Bush's Faustian deal with the Taliban (May '01)
London Guardian: They don't see why they are hated
London Guardian: Future of skyscrapers
Salon: Preparing for the Worst
Salon: Religion's place
SAJA Sept. 11

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